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Galaxy2 is an elgg-based social networking site hosted on a Tor hidden service. Galaxy2 was created by Lameth after the original Galaxy shut down in late 2014. It replicates many of the features of the original Galaxy, including The Wire (microblogging posts), blogging, image sharing, and polling. Galaxy2 started in early January 2015.








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Items in the Galaxy2 Collection

Galaxy2 | About
This is Galaxy2's about page, explaining its relationship to the original Galaxy site.

Galaxy 2 | Terms
These are the terms for Galaxy2. They are similar to the rules of the original Galaxy. The main rules are no child porn, no public commercial trade, certain images need to be made private or accessible by friends only, and the own of the site's rules…

Galaxy2 | Activity
This is the first page a visitor sees at Galaxy2. It shows summaries of all publicly available activity on the site, including new blog posts, new Wire posts, and new comments. Because this page is hosted on Tor, all avatars and Wire posts have been…

Galaxy2 | All Photos
This is a public grid of pictures uploaded to Galaxy2. New pictures appear on top. This particular batch of photos has a decidedly Anonymous theme. On this page you can sort images related to how recent, commentary, views, and by photo albums.

Galaxy2 | Popular Groups
On the Groups page, groups can be sorted in a variety of ways. This page shows groups by popularity on March 31, 2015. The page shows the group's name, brief description, if it is open or closed, and the number of members.