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Ello is an alternative social network famous for declaring that users are not products. Ello refuses to host advertisements. It gained a lot of attention after Facebook refused to let gay and transgender people use stage names rather than their "real" identities.


Paul Budnitz, Todd Berger, Lucian Fohr, and Mode Set





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Items in the Ello Collection

This is part of the Ello About page. It describes what Ello is, noting that it is a place to connect beyond current circles, ad-free, and without tracking your data. It also stresses imagination. The page itself is interesting as it resembles a type…

This is part of Ello's About page. This page honors the U.S. Independence day with its own Bill of Rights. It explains that there are rights that all online networks should provide their users. A link is provided to their Bill of Rights page for…

This is the Bill of Rights developed by Ello. It includes the following rights: privacy, not to be tracked, to control what you see, allow followers to see everything you post publicly, own what you post, be anyone you want, have non-exploitative…

This is part of Ello's About page. This page lists careers at Ello. At the time of this screen capture, there were no open positions.

This is part of Ello's About page. The dictionary page lists the terms associated with the site and how they are defined by Ello. Terms include such things as: Bread, Community, Friends, Loves, Inspiration, Noise, etc.