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Ello is an alternative social network famous for declaring that users are not products. Ello refuses to host advertisements. It gained a lot of attention after Facebook refused to let gay and transgender people use stage names rather than their "real" identities.


Paul Budnitz, Todd Berger, Lucian Fohr, and Mode Set






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Items in the Ello Collection

Ello | About
This is part of the Ello About page. It describes what Ello is, noting that it is a place to connect beyond current circles, ad-free, and without tracking your data. It also stresses imagination. The page itself is interesting as it resembles a type…

Ello | Bill of Rights 1
This is part of Ello's About page. This page honors the U.S. Independence day with its own Bill of Rights. It explains that there are rights that all online networks should provide their users. A link is provided to their Bill of Rights page for…

Ello | Bill of Rights 2
This is the Bill of Rights developed by Ello. It includes the following rights: privacy, not to be tracked, to control what you see, allow followers to see everything you post publicly, own what you post, be anyone you want, have non-exploitative…

Ello | Careers
This is part of Ello's About page. This page lists careers at Ello. At the time of this screen capture, there were no open positions.

Ello | Dictionary
This is part of Ello's About page. The dictionary page lists the terms associated with the site and how they are defined by Ello. Terms include such things as: Bread, Community, Friends, Loves, Inspiration, Noise, etc.

Ello | Home
This is Ello's home page. On this page a user can join, link to the manifesto, about page, store, and privacy information, as well as login. For new users there is a disclaimer noting that social networks are owned by advertisers making users a…

Ello | Information Use
This is part of the Ello About page. On this page, Ello explains what information they collect and use, as well as why and how they do it. It also lets users know how they can opt out of sharing any information. From this page you can access other…

Ello | Manifesto
This page is part of Ello's About page. It is Ello's manifesto, which also appears on the home page. The manifesto explains how other social media sites are owned by advertisers and your information is sold like a product. Ello wants their site to be…

Ello | People of Ello
This is part of Ello's About page. This page lists the founders, the staff, and the dogs involved in keeping Ello running. This was current as of 8/18/2015.

Ello | Press Requests
This is part of Ello's About page. This page explains how to contact Ello if you are a member of the press. It specifies that it only processes requests on the press email from the press and that all other questions need to be directed to the help or…

Ello | Privacy Policy
This is part of Ello's Policies page. The Privacy Policy informs users of Ello's commitment to data privacy. It explains the information Ello collects and how to opt out, it discusses email communications, and when they have to share information. …

Ello | Public Benefit Corporation
This page is under Ello's About page. This page explains that Ello is a Public Benefit Corporation, which is a for-profit company that exists to produce social benefits, not just make money for investors. It sates that as long as it is legally…

Ello | Rules
This is under the Ello's Policies page. This page explains what Ello's rules are. It is noted that if you don't follow the rules, you risk being kicked off. Some of the rules include: not posting other's personal information, no hate speech, nothing…

Ello | Security Policy
This page is part of Ello's Policies page. It explains Ello's security policy. This page invites security specialists to find and notify Ello regarding vulnerabilities. It does note that while researching, you can not hurt or destroy Ello or violate…

Ello | The Ello Story
This is part of Ello's About Page. This page explains Ello's history and purpose for creation. It lets users know that Ello is still in Beta, but is still constantly adding and improving features.

Ello | Terms of Use
This page is included under Ello's Policies page. It includes information on the users' responsibilities, what happens when you post content, inactive accounts, information for users regarding the content they post, and the required legal…

Ello | Threadless
On this page of Ello's site you can purchase merchandise to help support Ello. Users can purchase men's and women's t-shirts or phone cases. Ello has partnered with Threadless, a printing company based in Chicago, IL with a goal of promoting…

Ello | Who Created Ello
This page falls under the About page and describes who created Ello. Three primary people are credited with this site: Paul Budnitz, Todd Berger and Lucian Fohr. Berger & Fohr run a graphic design and art direction studio in Boulder, CO. Budnitz is…

Ello | Your Data
This page falls under the About section of Ello. On this page, Ello explains that they believe in transparency, so this page explains what information Ello collects when you join the network and how you can opt out of certain data collection.

Ello | Mobile App<br /><br />
When users search for the Ello app on an iOS phone, this is what comes up. The user is not introduced to any information beyond this image at this state. Users must click on the image to receive any information about the site.

Ello | App Description<br /><br />
This is the description of Ello that users see before they download the app. This information can be found under “details” and is the first information the user encounters about the app/social media site. In this section, users are introduced to…

Ello | App Information<br /><br />
This is where users can obtain information about some of the social and technical aspects of the Ello app. Information includes: who sells the app, what category it falls under, the current version, size, the app’s rating, mobile device…

Ello | Related Apps<br /><br />
Under the “Related” heading on the app information page, the user can see other social media apps that Ello users have also purchased. This page also shows the “top free iPhone social networking apps.”

Ello | Introduction Page<br /><br />
When the user downloads the Ello app for the first time, this is the first screen they come to. Users are able to see a “home” page they can scroll through before signing-up or logging in.

Ello | Introduction Page Example (Pt. 1)<br /><br />
On the home page, the user can see examples of what other users have posted. The images on this page are fairly large and often take up the entire phone screen. This image is an example of a photographer’s work that she/he posted to Ello.