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Sone is the main microblogging service for Freenet, an anonymous, peer-to-peer networking system. Sone is important for Freenet; new Freesites are announced there, technical issues are discussed, and build out webs of trust between users.


David 'Bombe' Roden





Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


Items in the Sone Collection

Sone | Create
This is Sone's login page. In order to login, a new user must create a Sone from a web of trust identity and start following other Sones. There are links on this page to the Web of Trust plugin and to Create Sone. This page also allows you to do a…

Sone | Known Sones
On this page, a Sone user can follow other Sones. A user can sort and filter Sones to select who to follow. This page shows the users avatar, name, number of posts and replies, and when the user last made updates. Identifying information has been…

Sone | Options
On the Sone options page, a user can select options that influence the runtime behavior of the Sone plugin. There are Sone specific options to determine notifications about new Sones and for those Sones you follow, there are avatar options to allow…

Sone | Your Sone
On this page, the users avatar, user name, number of posts and replies, and last update are shown. This is where the user can post a feed. It also provides a link to the known Sones if you want to follow someone, and a link to the Sone Options to…