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Voat is a media aggregator and social networking service where users can submit content such as text, images, and links. Users can vote on the submissions. Content is organized by areas of interest called “subverses.”

Voat was founded in April 2014 as WhoaVerse and in December 2014 changed its name to Voat. The website notes that this is a community platform where you can have your say with no censorship.

The page has a mascot know as the Voat goat, which was designed and donated to the site.


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Items in the Voat Collection

Voat | All Subverses
This page features all of Voat's subverses, in this particular case they are sorted by what is currently "hot." They can also be sorted by new and top. From this page you can also share a link, participation in a discussion, create your own subverse,…

Voat | Aww
This is a subverse page of Voat dedicated to things that make you go Aww! It includes stories, photos, and videos of cute things. You are able to share and discuss on this page. This page also features several moderators, whom you can contact. There…

Voat | Books
This subverse is dedicated to all things book related. It includes a weekly thread focusing on a given topic, questions about books, printing books, advice on books, and almost any kind of book related question one can imagine. On this page you can…

Voat | Decentralization
This subverse of Voat focuses on decentralization. The page notes that it is dedicated to everything related to decentralization. Like the other subverses, it shows the number of subscribers and users online, it also allows you to contact the…

Voat | Electrohouse
This subverse focuses on Electrohouse music. As with other subverses, users can share and discuss. The page also shows the number of subscribers and how many are currently on the site. This subverse also has rules established by the creator on what…

Voat | Front
This appears to be the main page of Voat. It welcomes new people to the site and provides them a link to take a tour. A new user can register or returning users can log in. The page has a featured subverse that changes and a list of the various…

Voat | Gaming
This subverse focuses on gaming. Similar to the other subverses, users can share and discuss. The purpose of this subverse is to talk about games - new releases, favorites, development, etc. The moderators of the site have a set of rules for what can…

Voat | Gifs
This subverse focuses specifically on Gifs. As with the other subverses, users can share and discuss, the page shows the number of subscribers, and how many are currently on the site. There are limited rules on this site that mainly state you can…

Voat | Introductions
This is Voat's introduction page. This page allows users to introduce themselves.The page provides links to additional information as well as resources. It also highlights a featured subverse at the top and lists previously highlighted ones at the…

Voat | Login
This is Voat's login page. It asks for your user name and password. You can also register for an account on this page.

Voat | Menu
This page allows users to share links, discuss, create subverses, and explore random subverses. The page features a subverse and lists some of the newest posts from a variety of subverses. It also has a link to give users a tour of Voat.

Voat | Music
This subverse of Voat is dedicated to music. Users post tour dates, videos, song lyrics, etc. of the musicians they like. The page lists the number of subscribers to the page and who is currently online. Users are also allowed to share links and post…

Voat | New Subverses
This is a subverse of Voat focusing on advertising new subverses. Owners of the subverses can post a link and comment describing what their subverse is for. There are a few rules for posting, namely it needs to be new, should include a link, and…

Voat | News
This is the current news subverse of Voat. News that is posted is guided by several rules including how old it can be, what can be posted, and how to post it. Moderators of this subverse will also apply flair tags were appropriate that include things…

Voat | Not Safe For Work
This is a warning that comes up when certain subverses are tagged NSFW, meaning the content may not be appropriate for a workplace environment. You also must acknowledge that you are over 18 to enter the site.

Voat | Programming
This Voat subverse is related to programming. It focuses on language agnostic subvoat, general programming talk, educational, and programming technology related submissions. A few general rules related to posting are available, as well as links to…

Voat | Science
This Voat subverse focuses on science. Topics include engineering, health, biology, space, and other related subjects. As with the other subverses, it lists the number of users and number currently online. It also provides links to other related…

Voat | Sports
This subverse of Voat focuses on sports lovers. As with the other subverses, the page shows the number of subscribers, current users online, how long the community has been in existence and the managers. This page does not have any rules for posting.…

Voat | Technology
This suberverse of Voat focuses on all things technology. Topics ranged from technology and the Paris attacks, to Facebook, Edward Snowden, and officer body cameras. As with the other subverses it highlights the number of subscribers, current users…

Vote | TV
This subverse focuses on television related content and discussion. Like other subverses it lists number of subscribers, those currently on line, moderators, and how long it has been a community. This subverse utilizes several rules relating to…

Voat | Videos
This Voat subverse is dedicated to videos. Like other subverses, this page lists number of subscribers, number currently online, moderators, and how long it has been a community. This subverse lists several guidelines of what should and should not be…

Voat | Explore
This page allows users to explore the various subverses on Voat. It is organized by the number of subscribers, with those subverses with the most subscribers at the top. This includes: news, technology, science, and gaming as the top four. This page…

Voat | Registration
This is Voat's user registration page. To register, Voat requires only a user name and password. They do not ask for an email or any other personal information.

Voat | Partner Program
This page highlights Voat's concept of a partner program. According to the page, Voat will give company shares and ad revenue to users who share their original content, serve as moderators, and who write comments. Currently the site states that…

Voatify | Mobile App<br /><br />
This is the iOS mobile app for Voat: Voatify. This is what comes up when users search for Voat.