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Voat is a media aggregator and social networking service where users can submit content such as text, images, and links. Users can vote on the submissions. Content is organized by areas of interest called “subverses.”

Voat was founded in April 2014 as WhoaVerse and in December 2014 changed its name to Voat. The website notes that this is a community platform where you can have your say with no censorship.

The page has a mascot know as the Voat goat, which was designed and donated to the site.


Atif Colo





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Items in the Voat Collection

This page features all of Voat's subverses, in this particular case they are sorted by what is currently "hot." They can also be sorted by new and top. From this page you can also share a link, participation in a discussion, create your own subverse,…

This is a subverse page of Voat dedicated to things that make you go Aww! It includes stories, photos, and videos of cute things. You are able to share and discuss on this page. This page also features several moderators, whom you can contact. There…

This subverse is dedicated to all things book related. It includes a weekly thread focusing on a given topic, questions about books, printing books, advice on books, and almost any kind of book related question one can imagine. On this page you can…

This subverse of Voat focuses on decentralization. The page notes that it is dedicated to everything related to decentralization. Like the other subverses, it shows the number of subscribers and users online, it also allows you to contact the…

This subverse focuses on Electrohouse music. As with other subverses, users can share and discuss. The page also shows the number of subscribers and how many are currently on the site. This subverse also has rules established by the creator on what…