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Lorea was an Elgg-based social networking site conceptualized in 2010. It was used by the Indignados in Spain during the 15-M/Anti-Austerity movement of 2011. It appears to have gone offline in early 2016.








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Items in the Lorea Collection

Lorea | Álbumes
This page includes all of the photo albums or folders included on the site. The folders have an image, title, and number of photos included. There are also multiple navigation links on the page. As the rest of site, this page is in Spanish.

Lorea | Home
This is Lorea's homepage, but also serves as a group page. It includes a description of the page, who the administrator is, the number of members in the group, and other active groups and discussions. It also includes lists subgroups and related…

Lorea | Vídeos
On this page there is a complete listing of videos that have been posted to the site. At the time of the posting there were at least 6 pages with 10 videos per page. The videos each have a screen capture image, a title, who posted it, tags, and how…

Lorea | Wikis
This is Lorea's wikis page. This page lists the user created wikis pages. There are 6 links on a page and at least 6 pages. From this page you can link to a variety of other pages and search content.

Lorea | Actividad
On this page of Lorea, the site related activities of the members is shown. This includes such things as posting or commenting, becoming friends with others on the site, creating new pages, etc. The page is set up in chronological order, with newest…

Lorea | Archivos
This is a page of the files housed in Lorea. It is currently set to look at all the files, but can be changed to view the audio, texts, images, or videos. You can also search the page. It also shows the last comments made related to the files and a…

Lorea | Blogs
On this page there is a list of individual blogs created by users. This specific page is a listing of all the blogs. The content includes the users avatar, who posted, a title for the blog, tags, and a brief description. From this page you can search…

Lorea | Calendario
This page is a monthly calendar. There is no content on the calendar, so it is unclear if it is just for reference or if it is usable in some way. You can set it up to view by month, week, or day. There are also a variety of links at the bottom of…

Lorea | Enlaces
This page appears to be various stories that are linked from news or newspaper websites. The link shows who posted it, the title of the story or article, how long it has been poster, and the site that it came from. From this page you can add your own…

Lorea | Grupos
This page of Lorea represents the various groups available to join. Currently the page is set up to focus on the most recent group, but can also can be sorted to list the most popular groups, or the ones with the most discussion. The groups have…

Lorea | Habitantes
This page is a list of the residents or members of Lorea. It is currently set up to see the newest, but you can also sort to search for the most popular. The page also allows you to search by title (user name) or by name. It appears you can also join…

Lorea | Páginas
This is a listing of all the pages that can be found on Lorea. They are listed by the most recent first with a comment letting one know when it was updated and by whom. This page is a listing of all the pages. There is also a link included to provide…

Lorea | Single Album
This is an example of a photo album, which is part of another album entitled Asamblea Popular del Barrio de las Letras.. The album is called Logos and it features two examples of logos or emblems for the 15-M or anti-austerity movement in Spain. The…

Lorea | Single Photo
This page is related to the single album page. When you click on one of the images found in the album it enlarges it for better viewing. You can click on the sides of the image to move to the previous or next image. There is also an option to see the…

Lorea | Tareas
This page roughly translates as a task list page. There is a list of tasks with a check box next to it. An empty box is a task that has been created that needs to be completed. A red box with a dot is a task that has been assigned to someone else. A…

Lorea | Telegramas
This page represents notes to other users on Lorea. A user is tagged with a note that they can respond to. It includes and avatar, who the message is for and how long ago it was posted. Users can post their telegrams for others from this page.