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Founded by ex-Reddit employee Dan Comas in 2016, Imzy is a social networking site dedicated to fostering civil communication among members. It is largely organized around topical groups. Members can join various groups based on what they are interested in. A key innovation in Imzy is the ability for a single user to have multiple pseudonyms associated with her/his account; these pseudonyms can be linked to specific groups, giving the user multiple identities across the site. Moreover, the site allows users to post anonymously, as well. The business model of Imzy is based on tipping: members can give each other monetary tips for their content, and Imzy takes a percentage. As of this writing, Imzy will not allow for advertising. The site's headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Dan McComas



Saurus, Inc.


2016 -- Present


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


Items in the Imzy Collection

Imzy | Homepage
The homepage of Imzy as viewed on a laptop

Imzy | Learn More
A page discussing Imzy's features and affordances

Imzy | Sign Up
Imzy's sign-up page, as seen on a laptop. Imzy supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), which would use a mobile phone as a way to verify a user is logging in. This is why there is a field for a mobile phone in addition to an email address.

Imzy | Privacy Policy
This is Imzy's privacy policy. This is a substantial policy with 11 key points. It includes how to report violations, user consent, information about children, types of data collected, third party websites, and security of personal data.

Imzy | Terms
This is Imzy's terms of service agreement. This is an extensive page that includes the user responsibilities, agreements, restrictions, and terminating one's access. It also include information regarding what Imzy can and cannot do. It specifically…

Imzy | About
This is the about us phage of imzy. It provides a brief description of who is involved in the creation of imzy and their location in Salt Lake City. From this page you can login, sign up, contact them, and view the site map, terms, and privacy policy

Imzy | Sitemap
This is imzy's sitemap. Under each category is a link to the pages found within it. For instance, under" Animals" there are links to a cats, dogs, and otters pages. Some pages fall under multiple categories. Cats falls under "Animals," "Cute," and…

Imzy | Sign Up 1
This is the first part of the sign up process for using imzy. You can use either a phone number or email to sign up. In this case it was a phone number. A potential user enters their phone number, password, and must agree to the terms and privacy…

Imzy | Sign Up 2
This is part 2 of the Imzy sign up process. On this page you get to create your username. According to the page you can create additional user names, use your real name, or post anonymously. From this page you can also link to the about page, learn…

Imzy | On-boarding 1
This is part 1 of a 3 step on-boarding process. On this page, you are asked to select 3 communities to join. The site provides multiple choices for you to pick from; however, you can also search.

Imzy | On-boarding 2
This is part 2 of the imzy on-boarding process. On this page it asks you to introduce yourself with a title and description of who you are.

Imzy | On-boarding 3
This is the final on-boarding page for imzy. This page simply congratulates you on creating your first post with a picture of a green dragon and confetti. From this page you can log out or begin to explore imzy.

Imzy | Verify
This is the final page of the sign up process. After completing the on-boarding process users get an email verifying your sign up process and welcoming you. It also encourages you to use the iOS and Android applications.

Imzy | Home Feed Tour 1
This is part of the home feed. On this page, a users posts and discussions from the communicates they belong to show up. From this page, a user can access his/her communities and the about, policies, and FAQ pages. A user can also start…

Imzy | Home Feed Tour 2
This is the second screen shot from the home feed. This page highlights the communities you are a part. There is a quick link access on the home feed page. The message encourages users to participate in the discussions on these pages.

Imzy | Home Feed Tour 3
This is the third image of the home feed. This image focuses on the telescope user tool in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Using this link allows users to "discover" additional communities he/she may be interested in.

Imzy | Home Feed Tour 4
On this screen shot, the focus is on the drop down menu that links to the users account, lists, communities, chat, and log out functions.

Imzy | Home Feed Tour 5
On this page of the tour it focuses on one of the feeds and explains that a user can click on it to join the full discussion.

Imzy | Create a Community
This page reflects what comes up when a user decides to create a new community. It lets you know that Imzy is happy you want to create a new community, but wants you to make sure something similar doesn't already exist. You have the choice to click a…

Imzy | Communities
From the create communities page, if you click discover communities this is the page you will come to. This page has a column for ones own communities, as well as a list of all other communities. If you do not belong to a community, there is an…

Imzy | Imzy Community
This is the imzy community page. On this page users can access the home page of the community to see the posts and comments, go to the about page, the rules page, and the community leaders page. This particular page is restricted allowing only…

Imzy | Introductions
This is the introduction community on Imzy. This page is for new members to introduce themselves and welcome new members. Users can comment on posts.

Imzy | Contact
This is imzy's contact page. This page provides users the option to talk live during a certain time period or send a message that will responded to. It also allows users to visit the imzy community. There is also the option to send an email for more…

Imzy | Community Policy
This page of imzy outlines its community policy. The policy is part of the terms of service and outlines the behavioral expectations of the site. The site specifically asks people to respect others by not posting pornography, terrorism, violent…

Imzy | FAQ
This is Imzy's frequently asked questions page. This page has 6 categories of questions regarding accounts, communities, posting, creating communities, payments, and other questions. This is a fairly extensive page with questions ranging anywhere…