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Description is a "pod" on the federated diaspora* network. diaspora* was founded in 2010 by four students at New York University who were inspired by Eben Moglen to build a decentralized social network that respects user privacy. Not long after the four students started making diaspora*, it was labeled the "Facebook killer" by various news outlets. While diaspora* has not "killed" Facebook, it continues to grow and is installed on over 100 pods worldwide. Some of these pods have even appeared as Tor hidden services.


Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Dan Grippi, Max Salzberg, and Raphael Sofaer




Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


Items in the diaspora* Collection

This page shows the users activity on the site. On this page, users can post comments, invite friends, welcome new users, ask for help, bookmark to diaspora*, and donate. The page shows the user's avatar and user name.

This is the contact page for diaspora*. On this page, the user can access their contacts. Contacts can be organized and sorted by all contacts, my contacts, family, friends, work, acquaintances, and a user even add own categories of contacts. The…

On this page, users can have conversations with other members through messages. When a message is received it is noted in the inbox. Additionally, a user can start a new conversation with other members. Each message shows when it was sent.

This is the diaspora* help page. On this page, users can find basic getting started help, as well as help on various other topics. If users questions are not answered on this page, there are a variety of other links to look for help, which include…

This is diaspora*s homepage. The page highlights that it is a community-run, distributed social network. There is a strong focus in the middle of the page that it has gone non-profit and it is hoping individuals will support. Towards the bottom of…