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This is the About page text for the Hidden Mastodon instance, hosted as a Tor hidden service. It includes this instance's rules.

This is the About page for the Hidden Mastodon instance, hosted as a Tor hidden service. It includes this instance's rules.

This is an example of a user profile page. User can choose to post the following: avatar, where they are from, their age, gender, and sexual preference. User can link to the other pages on the site. It also alerts them to messages.

This is an example of one of the gallery images. Within the image you can like or dislike the image. This image was posted by the administrator after reaching 5000 users. From this page you can go back to the gallery or other links.

The Gallery page highlights the images that have been posted to The Dark Lair. The images (that have been pixelated) are set up in a grid form. They include such things as pets, people, food, and memes among other items.

This is the second page of the name reservation option. On this page it shows the nick name that has been chosen as well as the code (both have been pixelated). The page reminds the user not to share or forget the code. From this page users can…

The DArk Lair does not really have a registration page, but rather a name reservation option. This option allows individual to reserve a nickname that only the user can use. In order to submit you must check the box that you understand how the name…

This page features user created pages. Each page has a title, image, and description. Pages include such things as foods, techno, fan pages, and pictures of women. From this page you can also link to the other pages.

This page of The Dark Lair lists provides the rules that include: no CP, no torture pics, no terrorism or extremism content, English only, and the admins has full power to remove posts. Additionally, this page lists the features supported by the…

This page features an encrypted text. If you figure it out, you are asked to post it to The Board. There is also a contest associated with this Enigma. There is a link to a post describing the contest. From this page, users can login, reserve a name,…

On this page of The Dark Lair is a listing of links compiled by the creator of the site. The links are categorized into 9 topics and each link has a brief description that is taken from its website. Like the other pages, users can login, reserve a…

TheDarkLairTheBoard p.png
The Board is a discussion board where users can post comments, pictures, and engage with one another. At the time of this posting the anonymous posting was unavailable. On this page you can also link to other pages, reserve a name, or login. Avatars,…

This is The Dark Lair's homepage. The page provides a brief description of the site and lets users know they don't need to register to post, but must follow some rules: no CP, no terrorism, and no racism. Users who have reserved a nickname can login…

This is Blackbook's redesigned user home page. This is very similar to a Facebook page that shows the users cover photo and profile/avatar picture. On this page one can update their profile and it shows their list of friends. This page also shows the…

This is Blackbook's redesigned streaming page. This page list a stream of user activities from posts, to responses, to who have connected as friends. Very similar to the Facebook feed.

On this redesigned Blackbook page, users can find friends and other users are recommended. The page lists avatars of potential user-friends, but also gives one the opportunity to enter additional data to be better matched up.

This is Blackbook's redesigned photos page. On this page, users can upload photos they wish to share. You can click on a photo for more details. See Blackbook Photo Example

This is an example of one of the photos posted on Blackbook's redesigned photo pages. The image shows who posted it, when it was posted and the users who like it.

This is BlackBooks redesigned marketplace page. On this page, users can search for various services, weapons, drugs, and other items.

This is Blackbook's redesigned login page. Users enter their login name and password to login. They can also have the computer remember the site when they log in. New users can also register and returning uses can request a new password for a…

This is Blackbook's redesigned homepage. On this page an individual can sign up to become a user. In order to sign up a potential user must include their name, choose a username, enter an email, and password. A birthday, profile image, and gender…

This is Blackbook's redesigned general forum page. This page lists the various forum posts, the date posted, and the number of replies to each post. Each post lists the users name and avatar.

This is Blackbook's redesigned forum post page. This is an example of one of the forum posts and responses to it. Posts can be liked, shared, and quoted.

This is Blackbook's redesigned forum page. The page allows you to search for various topics. It also features to categories: discussions, which include general, movies, and music and computers & technology, which features computers, electronics,…

This is Blackbook's redesigned contact page. This page allows you to contact the administrators. You must select a category, enter a subject, and enter a message. You can also opt to have a copy of the message sent to yourself. Prior to sending you…
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